Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Complete 250 Mini Quad Parts List + FPV Quadcopter Component Choice

Building your own quadcopter is fun but researching parts is laborious, so I have compiled a list of parts and brands for the 250 size mini quadcopter. It’s a great time saver and you won’t miss any amazing components for you mini quad. There are still a lot of info need to be added, such as review links, test data links for motors, build links for the frames etc. I will try my best to maintain  and keep this list up to date. I am also hoping if anyone spot any good parts/links that I m missing, you can comment down below to let me know.
 This list is being updated on a daily basis! Please press F5 a few times to refresh page for update.
When it comes to picking parts for your mini quadcopter, it’s not straight forward. Some components are closely related to each other, and one component might limit the choices of another component. For example if right now you are running 5 inch propellers with 12A ESCs, but you decide to upgrade to 6 inch props, you might want to consider upgrading the ESCs to 18A as well due to the increase in power and current draw. In this case battery will also need to be looked at, to make sure your C rating and capacity meets the increase in current draw. That’s why it’s handy to have a part list available, so you know what choices you have.
Last update – 10 Aug 2015

Frame – Mini Quad Parts List

When you crash, the first thing that breaks usually is the Mini quad frame. So by carefully choosing a reliable frame can keep your downtime at the minimum, and save you money getting replacement parts.
Here are a list of popular frames, from the cheapest mini quad frame, to the most expensive. There is also information about price, material, size, and weight. Click the link below takes you to their official product sites, if there isn’t any I will link them to their discussion thread. If I missed any popular or well known mini quad frame please let me know.
If you built your mini quad using one of these frames, you are very welcomed to share your build log info with us. Just drop me the link and I will add it to the table.
Name/SizeImagePriceMaterialWeightReview URLBuilds
KK260frame-kk260-mini-quad $8Nylon101g
FPV250 + CageFPV250V3-LH-Low-Hung$17Nylon, Fibre Glass160gOscarRCGOscar
FlexyBee 250flexybee-250-thumbnail$20Polycarbonate plastic180gOscar
ZMR250carbon_fibre_250_mini_quad_frame_side$30Carbon Fiber145gOscarRCGOscar
Tarot Mini 250frame - Tarot TL250A Mini quadcopter$33Carbon Fiber115g
PeasantCopter 270PeasantCopter Mini Quad Frame Plywood - assembly top plates$38Plywood170gOscarOscar
EMAX250 NightHawkframe-emax250-mini-quad$39Glass and Carbon Fiber Mix190g
Hovership MHQ2 270frame-hovership mhq2 mini quad$403D Printed165g
Polycarbonate 250frame-pic-2-Polycarbonate 250 Mini Quad Frame - Chaney Aerospace.jpg$50Polycarbonate89gOscar
ZMR250 V2ZMR250-v2-mini-quad-frame-front$59Carbon Fibre185gOscarOscar
EMAX250 All Carbonframe-emax250-all-carbon-fiber-mini-quad$60Carbon Fiber129gMO
Arris X-Speedarris-x-speed-250-mini-quad-frame-front$65Carbon Fiber161gOscarOscar
Warthox MiniCPframe-Warthox MiniCP-mini-quad$67Carbon Fiber50g
Porta Quad 250 (Zippy)frame-porta-quad-mini-zippy$80G10unknowndeuce4
Flip FPV 260 frame-FLIP FPV 260H MINI quad$83G10169g
Spanky 250frame-spanky-mini-quad$85G10155g
FlyX-EvoH 280frame-flyx-evoh-mini-quad$89Fiber Glass160g
SG Adventure V4SG Adventure Mini Quad frame V4$89Carbon Fiber83g
CGX250frame-Coptergeist cgx250-mini-quad$90Carbon Fiber120gCopterg.
R220 Proframe-r220-pro-mini-h-quad$96Carbon Fiber116g
Bee 245frame-bee245-mini-quad$109Carbon Fiber102g
The Minion 218frame-minion-mini-quad-pats$110Carbon Fiber85
RD230frame-RD230-mini-quad$130Carbon Fiber108gDarkshot
MXP230 FPVframe-MXP230-g10-mini-quad$130G10185g
Lumenier QAV250frame - Luminier QAV250 mini quad$130G10145gYTsanderw
EVO250demon-evo250-mini-quad-frame-feature-1$135Carbon Fiber130gOscarOscar
Scarab Knife 270frame-Scarab knife 270-mini-quad$141Carbon Fiber125gJ.Cole
Nemesis Mini 240frame - Nemesis Mini quad$144Carbon Fiber128gHmerly
MXP230 Eliteframe-MXP230-carbon-fiber-mini-quad$150Carbon Fiber130gBruce
Blackout Mini H 220frame - Blackout Mini H quad$150Carbon Fiber123gBruce
Armatan FPV 258frame-Armattan FPV mini quad$150Carbon Fiberunknown
Strider 250frame-STRIDER 250 mini quad$155Carbon Fiber127g
VDQ250 Carbonframe-VDQ250 Carbon Pro Edition mini quad$155Carbon Fiber141gStrato
Catalyst Racing 250catalyst bullet fpv racing mini quad frame$155Carbon Fiber156g
Speed Addict 265speed-addict-FEARLESS-mini-QUAD-catalyst$160Carbon Fiber190-225gOscarOscar
THuG250frame-THuG250-mini-quad$166Carbon Fiberunknown

Mini Quad Combo

Note that some frames are sold in a bundle with majority of the parts that you need, e.g. motors, ESCs, FC, Props etc. This is extremely easy for people especially beginners, as you don’t have to worry about each components. Also they are usually sold cheaper than buying each part separately.
Here are some bundle deals:
  • Banggood EMAX Mini Quad Combo
  • Hobbyking doing a FPV250 RTF Combo.
  • MassiveOverkill in RC Group (online store) just send me a link of a EMAX250 combo deal they are doing.
  • MyRCMart is doing a deal on RCX-H250 frame (looks like ZMR250).

Flight Controller

Any regular quadcopter flight controller should work. But given the size of the mini quad, some smaller (33mm square size) flight controllers have mounting advantage. Here I will list some of the flight controllers that are known to work well with mini quad. For a better comparison chart, check out this post about how to choose flight controller too.
Flight ControllerPictureSizePriceNoteReview URL
Naze32 Acronaze3236mm$25Great performance, affordable, many parameters for settingOscar
Naze32 FullNaze32_front36mm$50Same as Naze32 acro, with extra mag/baro sensors.
KK-Minikk-mini-front36mm$25Has a built-in screen, very easy to setup, same as KK2
CC3Dcc3d36mm$32*Solid hardware, continuing software developmentIntroRCG
Flip32flip3236mm$25Naze32 full clone, cheaper.
Mini APMmini-flight-controller-apm36mm$40Same as APM FC only smallerDIYDrones
BrainFPVflight-controller-brainfpv36mm$130Built-in OSDOscar
KK2.1kk250mm$22Regular size KK2 board.Oscar
Megapirate AIOcrius_aio50mm$48Support Multiwii and MegaPirate Firmware.Oscar
* Banggood is doing a deal on CC3D FC, it’s only $15.

CleanFlight Firmware

For the Naze32 and Flip32 mentioned, the default firmware/software is BaseFlight. There is now a new open source firmware called CleanFlight. It is a fork of BaseFlight with many bugs fixed, and many extra features. CleanFlight now also supports CC3D, great!
Here is a guide on how I flash my Naze32 with CleanFlight firmware, and some other tips using CleanFlight.

Motor Part List

Motor for mini quad is a major decision, it affects your speed, flight time and performance. There are as many options as mini quadcopter frames if not more. But because mini quads mainly use 5 or 6 inch propellers, so I have found this list of motors based on size, weight, and popularity. Again, if I have missed any good motors please let me know. They are in price order, from cheap to expensive.
All the max thrust data below is quoted from the test data link provided, it does not mean it will give everyone the same result. Some motors might have been tested with higher voltage or larger propellers than what is recommended (4S LiPo, or 6′ prop), therefore you are advised to always consult the motor datasheet and run the motor within safe limit.
Motor Name /SizeKVPictureWeightMax.Thrust/g(cell:prop@Amp)PriceTest Data
RCX 18042400 KV Motor-RCX 180414g290(3S : 5030 @ 6A)
340 (3S : 6030 @ 7.5A)
RCX H13062300 KV Motor-RCX H130612gPending$9
DYS BE1806-132300 KVmotor -DYS BE1806-13 hobbyking 24g mini quad24gPending$10
RCTimer 18062300KVmotor RCTimer 1806-2300KV mini quad18g420 (3S : 5030 @ 8.6A)$12
Tarot MT18062280 KV motor-Tarot MT1806 KV2280 mini quad18g380(3S : 5030 @ 8A)
410(3S : 5045 @ 10.6A)
EMax MT18042480 KV EMAX MT1804 2480KV motor14g345 (3S : 5030 @ 7A)
370 (3S : 5040 @ 9A)
410 (3S : 6030 @ 8.5A)
EMax MT18062280 KV EMAX MT1806 motor18g375 (3S : 5030 @ 8A)
485 (3S : 6030 @ 11A)
510 (3S : 6045 @ 16A)
EMax MT22042300 KV EMAX MT2204 motor25g380 (3S : 5030 @ 7.7A)
413 (3S : 5040 @ 8.9A)
579 (3S : 6045 @ 14.8A)
MultiStar 17041900 KV Motor-MultiStar 170414gPending$12
MultiStar 22062150 KV Motor-MultiStar 220630g380 (3S : 5030 @ 7.9A)
460 (3S : 6030 @ 9.4A)
610 (4S : 5040 @ 13.8A)
$15Baby Beast
DYS BE 18062300 KV Motor-DYS 180618g415 (3S : 5030 @ 9.0A)
485 (3S : 6030 @ 10.2A)
580 (3S : 6045 @ 16.1A)
MultiStar 22042300 KV Motor-MultiStar 220424gPending$16
FPVModel 22062000 KVfpvmodel-MC2206-motor-package-quadcopter-multirotor33g586 (3S : 6030 @ 9.0A)
570 (4S : 5030 @ 10A)
840 (4S : 6045 @ 21A)
RCTimer SL18042300KVmotor-RCTimer SL1804 2300KV mini quad16g280 (3S : 5030 @ 6.0A)$20
Cobra 22042300 KV cobra-2204-196025g436 (3S : 5030 @ 8.6A)
559 (3S : 6030 @ 11.0A)
Cobra 22041960 KV cobra-220423g330 (3S : 5030 @ 5.7A)
533 (4S : 5030 @ 8.1A)
587 (4S : 5040 @ 11.2A)
SunnySky X22042300 KV Motor-SunnySky 220421g442 (3S : 5030 @ 8.5A)
539 (3S : 6030 @ 10.0A)
RCTimer SL18062300KVmotor-RCTimer SL1806 2300KV mini quad18g420 (3S : 5030 @ 8.6A)
500 (3S : 6030 @ 9.8A)
Cobra 22062100KVcobra 2206 2100kv motor37g$26
Tiger MN18062300 KV Motor-Tiger MN180618g467 (3S : 5030 @ 9.6A)$26Enforce
Tiger MN22062350 KV Motor-Tiger MN220630gPending$26
Cobra CM22082000 KV Motor-Cobra CM220844g579 (3S : 6030 @ 9.6A)
912 (4S : 6030 @ 14.4A)
1153 (4S : 6045 @ 22.7A)
Lumenier FX22062000 KV Motor-Lumenier FX220632gPending$32
Blackout MN22082000 KV Motor-Tiger MN2208pending627 (3S : 6030 @ 10.6A)
942 (4S : 6030 @ 15.9A)
1206 (4S : 6045 @ 25.1A)
I have not tested all of these motors, but I have had good experience with Cobra motors. They are good quality, powerful yet smooth with 4S LiPo.
One extra note on the size of the motors. Many would assume fatter motors are more powerful (including myself), it’s not completely true. For example some 1806 motors generate more thrust than 2204 version of the same brand, under the same test condition. To determine motor power, make sure you look at the thrust test data available online. Remember, efficiency and current draw under different throttle are just as important as peak thrust.

Propellers (Prop)

Propellers is the “consumable” of the hobby. Especially so for mini quad because we love racing in the wood and fly through tiny holes, it’s inevitable to break props, lots of them. :)
Before the mini quad fever, the best and only 5 inch prop available to me was the Gemfan 5030. But since then, so many more props of different brands and materials started appearing on the market, each with unique characteristic. Since it’s not the most expensive item in building a quadcopter, it’s a good idea to get a few of each props you are interested in, and test them out yourself.
Propeller NameMaterialPrice/Pair
Gemfan 5030Plastic$1.7
Gemfan 5030 TribladePlastic$3.5
Gemfan 5040Nylon$3.5
Gemfan 6030Plastic$2
Gemfan CF 5×3Carbon Fiber$8
Gemfan 6045Plastic$2
HQ 5030Glass Fiber Composite$2.5
HQ 5040Glass Fiber Composite$2.5
HQ 5040 TribladeGlass Fiber Composite$3.5
HQ 5045 Bullnose – cut down 6045Glass Fiber Composite$3.5
HQ 6030Glass Fiber Composite$3.5
HQ 6045Glass Fiber Composite$3.5
FC 5045Glass Composite$1.8
FC 5045 TribladeGlass Composite$2
Tiger CF 5×3Carbon Fiber$30
Surveilzone 5040Polycarbonate glass fibre$1

ESC – Electronic Speed Controller

After decided on what motor and prop you are going to run, you should now know the current requirement for your mini quad. If not, check by reading the motor thrust tests data online, or do your own testing to find out what the max current draw of your choice of motor and prop combination is.
For a more detail guide on how to choose ESC/UBEC, check out this guide.
In this list we have the ESC current rating, price, input voltage, and weight. There is firmware/software used on the ESCs, if it isn’t specified below it means the ESC is using factory firmware. There are also custom firmware, such as SimonK and BLHeli. These custom firmware are known to perform better than factory firmware, that’s why many of us will flash the ESC to the latest version of SimonK or BLHeli firmware. Note that not all ESCs are flash-able.
I have been using the HK Blue Series 12A ESCs and it’s giving me good result.. I flashed them with SimonK firmware using the Arduino. Others find KISS ESCs perform very well too, and they are amazingly light and responsive.
ESC NameCurrent Rating (Burst)PicturePriceCell AllowedWeightFirmware / Flashable
HK Blue Series12A (16A)Blue Series 12A ESC Hobbyking$82S – 4S10gYes
HK Blue Series20A (30A)ESC-HobbyKing 20A Blue Series ESC Brushless Speed Controller$102S – 4S18gYes
DYS SN20A Mini20ADYS SN20A Mini ESC$112S – 4S7.6gSimonK
DYS BL20A Mini20A DYS BL20A Mini ESC$11.52S – 4S7.6gBLHeli 13.1
Afro Ultra Lite12A (16A)ESC-Afro 12A esc ultra lite$102S – 4S10gSimonK
Afro20AESC-Afro ESC 20A$132S – 4S23gSimonK
Turnigy Plush12A (15A)ESC-TURNIGY Plush 12a esc$102S – 4S13gYes, only BLHeli
KISS ESC18AESC-kiss-esc-18a$262S – 4S2gYes
Turnigy Multistar20AESC-Turnigy Multistar 20A V2 Slim BLHeli ESC$112S – 6S21gBLHeli
Sunrise OPTO20AESC-Sunrise BLHELI 20A esc$112S – 4S11gBLHeli
Mystery12A (16A)ESC-mystery-esc-12a$102S – 3S8gNo
Mystery20A (30A)ESC-Mystery 20A esc$122S – 3S20gNo
EMAX12A (15A)ESC-Emax-12A-esc$92S – 3S8gYES
EMAX20A (25A)ESC-emax-20a-esc$102S – 3S28gYES
ZTW Spider Opto12A (20A)ESC-ZTW Spider Opto 12A esc$102S – 4S10gSimonK
ZTW Spider Opto20A (30A)ESC-ZTW Spider ESC-Opto 20a esc$152S – 6S23gSimonK
Rotorgeeks 12A12Arotorgeeks 12A ESC blheli  v4$102S – 4S10gBLHeli
Many resellers rebrand the same ESC. For example the RCTimer mini ESC are identical to the DYS mini ESC.

LiPo Battery

Once you have determined what motor, props and ESC you are going to put on your mini quad, you can now look at LiPo battery. The decisions you need to make are the following.
  • Cell count
  • Capacity
  • C rating

Cell Count – 2S? 3S? Or 4S?

Motor manufacturers usually would suggest how many cells LiPo you should use. It’s not necessarily true that a mini quad using 4S LiPo is faster than a 3S one. With the right motor/prop combo, a 3S mini quad can also beat one running 4S LiPo.


The most popular capacity range is between 1300mAh and 2200mAh for both 3S or 4S LiPo. Basically you need to find a good balance point between flight time and weight. More capacity gives you more time in the air, but it’s also heavier. I wrote a guide on how to choose LiPo battery before, where I used simple math to identify a suitable capacity value for my battery.

C Rating

You should now know roughly what the max current your motors are going to draw, so you can now pick the battery with the correct C rating. Note that higher C rating batteries tend to be heavier as well. Here I explained what C rating is.
The way I calculate C rating, is by working out what the current draw is at 100% throttle. If I am going for 1300mah battery, and the maximum current draw is 48A (for 4 motors), I can work out what the C-rating I need.
C rating = peak current draw / capacity
which is 48/1.3 = 36.92. So any 1300mah battery that has a C rating around or higher than 37 should be good.
For instance,  these battery would be the fine candidates for my example mini quad:
ZIPPY Compact 1300mAh 3s 40c Lipo Pack
Turnigy nano-tech 1300mAh 3S 45~90C Lipo Pack
Some people believe low C rating battery works just as good, while some say if C rating is below requirement, the quad will be under-powered, and it could cause battery heating issues as well, which could shorten battery life.
The main brands for LiPo batteries are Turnigy Nano-Tech, Zippy, Gens Ace etc. There are so many different capacities and C ratings batteries, I am not going to list them all here. They are all widely available in online stores, just google them.
2DogRC sent me a link to their 1500mah 3S Lipo. They have 30C discharge rate (so max continous discharge current is 45A). It weights the same as those 1300mah Battery, but has 200mah extra capacity. However they are a bit pricey, $27 a piece.

FPV Camera

I wrote a guide on How to Choosing a FPV Camera before. The Sony Super HAD is recognized as one of the best FPV camera at the moment. I personally use it on all my multicopters, with proper settings they work really well under most situations. I am sure there are more options and I will add to the list in the future.
Camera NamePictureTVLPriceLens Focal WidthInput Voltage
Sony Super HAD2-sony-600tvl-fpv-ccd-camera-without-case600 TVL$302.1mm, 2.8mm, 3.6mm12V
Sony Super HAD MiniSony-Super-HAD-600TVL-Mini-fpv-camera-quadcopter600 TVL$352.8mm, 3.6mm5V-22V
Sony 960H CCD Effio-VSony-960H-Effio-V-800TVL-fpv-Camera-quadcopter800 TVL$472.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm6V-16V

Video Transmitter / Receiver

There are many choices for vTX and vRX. You can even use different frequency for FPV such as 1.2GHz, 1.3GHz and 2.4GHz in some countries. The reason I prefer 5.8Ghz is because the tiny antenna, and the fact that mini quad doesn’t usually fly long range, so 5.8 should be enough for most people.
It’s important to know there are 4 common frequency bands used in 5.8Ghz video transmission, they are known as the A, B, E and F bands. Here is a 5.8Ghz Frequency band table that explain what the frequencies are in each band, and what brands uses them.
I have tried 3 different video transmitters on my mini quad, they all gave me good results. The ImmersionRC 5.8Ghz 600mW gave me the best range (coupled with ImmersionRC UNO Receiver), but the combo also costs a lot more. Boscam 600mW vTX also does a good job, and it’s compatible with most receivers (including the cheap RC305 – $15).
Video TransmitterPowerPicturePriceInput VoltageChannelsSupport BandsReview URL
ImmersionRC600mWimmersion 600mw$707V-25V8 chFOscar
TS351200mW5.8Ghz 200mW video transmitter$187V-16V8 chEPending
Boscam TS832 600mWboscam-TS832$507V-16V32 chA B E FOscar
TS5823 5.8GHz200mWTS5823-200mw-video-transmitter$347V-24V32 chA B E FOscar
Aomway 5.8Ghz500mWAomway 5.8Ghz 500mw video transmitter vtx$467V-16V16 chE FPending
Aomway 5.8Ghz200mWAomway 5.8Ghz 200mw video transmitter vtx$207V-24V32 chA B E FPending
When it comes to video receiver, make sure it’s compatible with your choice of video transmitter (works on the same frequency band).
Video ReceiverPicturePrice US$Support BandsInput VoltageReview
RC832 32ChRC805-32-channel-video-receiver$34A B E F12VPending
Aomway DVR 32chAomway DVR 5-8GHz 32ch Video Receiver with Built in Video Recorder$42A B E F7V-24VPending
FR632 diversityFR632 diversity 5.8GHz 32Ch Auto Scan LCD AV Receiver$56A B E F6V-28VRCG
ImmersionRC UNOimmersionrc-uno-video-receiver$72F6V-16VPending

FPV Video Antenna

VTX and VRX come with stock antennas (whip or dipole). They work fine, but to get a better range and penetration it’s always advised to get the circular polarized antenna. Here is a tutorial on what is circular polarized antenna, and why it’s better dipole antenna.
To further improve range, sometimes helical antenna or patch antenna are used on the video receiver. They can give you more range, but they are also directional which means you will get weaker signal on your left and right. They come with different gains, they higher gain, the more directional it is. Here is a guide about how antenna gain affects range in FPV.
Antenna NameTX/RXPictureTypePriceGain
Boscam 5.8GHz Cloud SpiritBothboscam cloud spirit 5.8 antennaClover-Leaf$26TX1.1dbi,RX1.4dbi
ImmersionRC SpironetBothImmersionRC 5.8GHz SpiroNet AntennaSkew Planar Wheel$40na
IBCrazy BluebeamBothIBCrazy 5.8 GHz Bluebeam Ultra AntennaTX – 3 lobe Airscrew5 lobe Mad Mushorrom$65na
Boscam Patch AntennaRXBoscam 5.8GHz 11dBi patch AntennaPatch$811dBi
Aomway 7 Turn HelicalRXAomway 11dbi 7 Turn 5.8GHz Helical AntennaHelical$1411dbi
Fatshark SpiroNET PatchRXImmersion Fatshark SpiroNET CP Patch 5.8GHz AntennaPatch$6813dbi
When choosing antennas for video transmitter and receiver, make sure the type of connectors are compatible. To learn the difference, check out the guide on SMA and PR-SMA connectors.

FPV Goggle / Monitor Display

FPV Goggles are famous for the immersive experience, and they are really compact and easy to carry around. Fatshark is the brand-name choice, very good quality. But they are also not cheap! If budget is a problem for you, it’s worth checking Hobbyking’s Quanum DIY goggle out, they are only $30.
There are also people using cheap LCD monitor, like myself. Not only being cheaper, it also allows you to look at your quad and around yourself, while flying FPV. And it’s more suitable for people who has eye issues and wear glasses. However under bright and sunny condition, visibility of the image is not as good as the FPV goggle. By adding a sun shield can improve that.
Update 24 March – Check out this guide for shopping FPV goggles.
FPV Goggle/Monitor NamePicturePriceReview
7 inch LCD Monitor7-LCD-Monitor-Screen-fpv-stand$30OL
Fieldview 888 TFT LCD MonitorFieldview 888 TFT LCD$95
Quanum DIY FPV Goggle SetQuanum FPV Goggle_hobbyking$30OL
SkyZone Diversity Receiver 7′ MonitorSkyZone 5.8GHz Diversity Receiver 7.0 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for FPV 800x480 LED Backlight$120
FatShark Predator V2 KitFatShark PredatorV2 goggle$340
SkyZone FPV Goggle V2skyzone-fpv-goggle-sk01 v2$400rctf
SkyZone AIO 3D FPV Goggleskyzone 3d fpv goggle$530
FatShark Dominator HDFatShark Dominator HD goggle$549
It’s worth knowing some FPV goggle comes with great features, such as built-in video receiver, DVR (digital video recorder), head tracking, etc. Make sure you understand what functionality and components they come with before deciding. For example the Fatshark predator is more of an FPV combo that come with almost everything you need (camera/transmitter/receiver/antenna).

OSD – On Screen Display

I think most people racing mini quad would agree we only need the simplest OSD, showing only current voltage level, and maybe a timer as well.
Update 02 July 2015 – check out this OSD Guide.
OSD NamePicturePriceDisplay DataSupport Voltage Monitor
Hobbyking E-OSDhobbyking-e-osd$14voltage, timer7.2V-12V (2S – 3S)
Super Simple Mini OSDhobbyking-super-simple-osd$9voltage, timer5V-26V (2S – 6S)
MinimOSDMinim OSD v1-1$20Voltage, timer, GPS, etcn/a
MinimOSD with KV ModMINIM-OSD$11Voltage, timer, GPS, etc2S-4S
Micro MinimOSDmicro-minimosd-bottom$15Voltage, timer, GPS, etc2S-4S
The E-OSD can be flashed with custom firmware, which can enable it to display more data such as radio signal RSSI, and change the display pattern. I am currently using Super Simple Mini OSD, because it supports 4S voltage.
MinimOSD is a good value OSD, and if you are willing to do some extra work it can do a lot more than the other OSDs.

LC Power Filter and Voltage Regulator

LC Power Filter is used to reduce noise in the power supply. If you are powering your video transmitter and FPV camera with your main LiPo pack, you may or may not notice the jumping white lines across the picture when flying, this is when the LC filter comes into play. You can buy them from Hobbyking, or make one yourself.
If you are running 4S and want to power your 12V rated FPV gear with it, you can consider getting a voltage regulator, instead of using a separate 3S LiPo.
Voltage RegulatorImageInput RangeOutput RangeMax CurrentStep Up/DownPrice
3A Mini Voltage Regulator3A-mini24.5V-28V0.8V-20V3.0AD$3
RMRC Dual5V-12V Dual Step Down Regulator2S-6S Lipo5V, 12V1.5AD$20
Micro 12Vgetfpv-12v-step-down-voltage-regulator14V-42V12V0.6AD$6
Atas Mini PDBAtas_Mini_PDB_Pro_power_distribution_board3S-6S5V, 12V3.0AD$25
OSDogeosdoge_pdb_power_distribution_board3S-4S5V, 12VpendingD$70
RMRC 12V Step-UpRMRC 12V Step-Up voltage regulator2.5V-12V12V1.4AU$3.5

FPV Recording Camera

There are usually two cameras used on the same mini quad. FPV camera has been mentioned above which is used for actual flying. There is also another camera which we used for recording high definition (HD) videos. Most high quality videos you see on Youtube/Vimeo are filmed using these HD cameras. There are not a lot of choices at the moment for mini quadcopter due to the limitation on weight and size. The most common FPV recording cameras being the following.
FPV Recording CameraPicturePriceWeightMax ResolutionMax FPS
808 #16 KeyChain808-16-camera$4017g720p30fps
Mobius (Wide Angle)mobius-camera-button-functions$7339g1080p@30fps720p@60fps
Turnigy HD ActionCamTurnigy HD ActionCam fpv camera$8358g1080p@30fps720p@60fps
GoProgopro hero4 black fpv camera$200-$50074g-88g4K@30fpsWVGA@240fps
RunCam HDRuncam-hd-camera-3$5040g1080p@30fps720p@60fps
Xiaomi Yixiaomi-yi-action-camera-1080p-60fps$13072g1080p@60fps480p@240fps
The best known camera among these are probably the Mobius and GoPro. The Mobius has the advantage of being cheaper, lighter, smaller, yet capable of capture great quality footage, but it’s not as good as the GoPro.
The GoPro offers 3 editions, the most expensive one (black edition) can shoot 4K videos at 30fps. Despite the great footage quality, they are way more expensive than the rest of the cameras too. They are also a bit chunkier and heavier, so the Mobius might be more suitable for some of the low power mini quads.
808 keychain camera is also a good option for ultra light mini quad. It offers video out so you can use it as your FPV camera for video transmitter as well.
Talking about using these HD recording camera as FPV camera, it’s actually not recommended. There are many reasons why you should run a dedicated FPV camera.

Miscellaneous Items

There are many other parts, tools you might or might not need during building your quadcopter. I will make a list here and will expend on the subject in the future.

That’s all, Time for building mini quad!

A long winded post, but should be useful for those who just got into this hobby, and looking to build their first 250 size mini quad.
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